“Write the vision, and make it plain…” —Habakkuk 2:2 (ASV)

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ZOE means LIFE. Our mission is to bring life to the message to which you have been entrusted. As a writer, I understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining your unique voice. At Zoe Editorial and Proofing, our ultimate mission is to support you to deliver a clear and concise message to your targeted audience. We specialize in “Clean” content because we believe that words have the power to build or tear down.

You have devoted time, talent, and energy to your precious project. You’ve done the creative” heavy lifting”; now, allow us to come alongside and polish your work to perfection.

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Meet Donna Godwin, sole proprietor of Zoe Editorial and Proofing.


Whether it’s a light, moderate, or heavy copyedit, we’re here to help make your manuscript shine.


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